Online courses, writing challenges, and toolkits for creative people who love plants.

At the unique intersection of design thinking, creative writing, self-care, gardening, and ecofeminism, my work uses a whole-system strategy to help you unleash your potential and achieve tangible, replicable results. This is a gift economy resource, so everything is free/donations graciously accepted.

Available Products

Nice to Meet You

Join me for a virtual meet & greet, and see what this space is all about.

Write Livelihood Toolkit

Ethical ways make money online with your writing.

Permaculture Women Writers

Write your way back to nature with this fun 3-week challenge!

Wild Women Writing Challenge

Re-wild your writing practice with 40 days of provocative prompts.

Design Your Daily Practice

Use a permaculture design process to establish healthy patterns.

Design Your Inner Landscape

Cultivate personal sustainability, from the inside out!

Find Your Eco-Niche

Find your unique intersection of service, creativity, and abundance.

Writing the Heroine's Journey

Learn the structure, armature, and archetypes of a heroine's journey.

#freepermaculture Yearlong Course

Hosted separately at the #freepermaculture toolshed.

Permaculture Design Course

Design training and certification by and for women. Hosted separately.

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